Why my Flippa domain name sale fell flat

With godaddy domain name renewal costs on the rise, I decided to let one of my domains go a few weeks ago. Having never sold a domain name, I didn’t really know what to expect and thought I would try selling it on Flippa.com. However, as you can see from the listing stats above, I […]

The Best Crossfit Workout Songs on Spotify

It’s Saturday morning, just past 7am and I’m already thinking about my crossfit class at 10. The one thing I’m not looking forward to is hearing the same old songs while working out. Although I love the crossfit box I workout at, their music selection could use some work. That said, I started looking for […]

Thesis 2.0 Growing Pains

I’ve been using Thesis from DIYthemes on and off for the past few years. It is ugly out of the box but fast and easy to deploy. It has just the right combination of WYSIWYG and DIY under the hood options to keep WordPress newbies and full blown vets busy. After running Thesis 1.8x for […]

WordPress Audio Player Plugin HTML5 Hack

If you’re podcasting or posting mp3 links on your blog, this audio player plugin is super simple and customizable. Problem is, it’s a flash player that doesn’t play nice with Apple mobile devices such as the iphone, ipad, and ipod. Mobile traffic is huge these days and usage is surging. If you want to ensure […]

Tap Into Customer Fear to Drive More Sales

Yesterday I picked up a new Logitech ClearChat Pro USB headset from Best Buy. After doing some homework online and reading all of the reviews, the consensus was that although the sound quality was good, the overall durability was to be questioned. Many reviewers suggested that the headset was cheaply made and prone to breaking. […]