All About .me – The Great Domain Name Debacle

Yesterday, Shoemoney mentioned open registration for new .me domains starts today. After toying with the idea of registering domains like,,, etc., I concluded it was highly unlikely I would score any of them and quickly dismissed the idea. It wasn’t until early this afternoon I heard rampant rumors of .me domain name registrations gone south. Sure enough, the demand for .me domains far exceeded expectations and servers at various registrars got pounded, triggering false confirmations and shattered domainer dreams.

With all of the hype surrounding the .me registrations, I couldn’t help but wonder what good domains, if any, were still available for registering. I started plugging away at the Go Daddy bulk registration tool and realized within the span of a couple minutes that my searching for single word .me domains was futile. Moving on, I brainstormed two-word .me domains using Google and stumbled across a gem (at least that’s what I thought having recently read about the need for an iphone social network on TC).

I immediately registered the two-word domain with Go Daddy half-thinking it was going to get rejected anyways. However, the “Congratulations! Your registration request for the domain name(s) below was successful” email and $40 debit proved otherwise. Looks like I’m the proud new owner of the following domain:

Soooooo… Anybody interested in starting up an iphone social network?