Blue hats, a pocket full of promise and $25,000 a month later

Apparently, Blue Hat SEO is the only website on the Internet that is completely dedicated to the art of Advanced SEO. I mean, how else do you wrap your head around the idea of generating $25,000 USD (recurring) in 141 seconds?

Last week in my rss reader, Eli from Blue Hat SEO said he needed to get a “few quick announcements” out of the way. He wanted to do something that “directly makes people money and helps them become more successful“. Turns out Eli is offering a premium SEO whizbang tool that will do a-b-c and get you x-y-z for “pennies compared to what people actually get”. Oh, and you’ll need to act quickly if you want in on the action. Eli is only going to allow 100 250 members.

T-Minus 22 Hours. Over the weekend, Eli indicates the tool will be released in 22 hours along with a little surprise. “Tomorrow is the day we show the industry what real tools are”, he says.

Monday morning at approximately 9am PST Eli announces the tool is open for business.

This morning I read the tool sold out, in 2 minutes and 21 seconds no less. As Eli puts it, the “launch went crazy good”.

Moral of the story?

Competition in the search engine optimization sphere is fierce and it’s only getting more competitive. Everybody is looking for that edge and more than willing to pony up $100 bucks a month to get it. It also suggests that in addition to solidifying his “advanced SEO” claim to fame, Eli’s clearly demonstrated his marketing worthiness. Blue Hat Marketing anyone?

p.s. Just for kicks, I’m going to use Eli’s QUIT tool to seed this article.