Generic, defensible domain name shopping shortcuts

Frank Schilling is one of the largest generic domain-name investors in the world. According to Frank (via SEObook):

The best domain-names are generic defensible keyword-style (one two and three word) phrases which get some trickle of organic generic-intent type-in traffic; for nothing more than the keyword-weight, gravity and resonance of the generic words that make up the domain name.

He goes on to say that many people will simply append the subject matter they seek with “.com” in their address bar, expecting to find products and services that match the generic keywords they entered. However, since mining the domain space for these generic defensible undiscovered names is getting harder and more time intensive, I outlined a few of my own domain name shopping shortcuts below.

1. Visit the free keyword suggestion tool and enter a starting keyword or phrase.

2. Copy and paste the 100 related keyword search results into an Excel spreadsheet. Deselect everything and highlight (re-select) the keyword column only, excluding the search count for each keyword phrase.

3. Paste the keywords you just copied from Excel into a bulk domain registration tool.

4. Using your favorite registrar, register any available one, two and three word phrases (.com only) that may get some “trickle of organic generic-intent type-in traffic” with priority determined by search volume.

5. Rinse & repeat.

And there you have it, folks! It’s like Frank says, “If you own a powerful generic name or name phrase, you will get internet traffic independent of what the search engines and auction marketplaces try to do to you.”

G’luck and happy domain name hunting!