Predicting the future with Oprah and Google Hot Trends

Google Trends allows you to see how often a certain topic has been searched for on Google over time. With the recent addition of Hot Trends, you can see a list of the current top 100 fastest rising search queries in the U.S. on any given day. Sprinkle in a little Oprah and you can nearly predict the future.

Whatever do you mean? Ah, take for example what Danny from Search Engine Land previously noted regarding some of the seemingly random trends listed in the hot 100:

“An audience member at the Oprah show knew what it was and she said it is a neti pot or a nose bidet. She told Oprah that she used to use one when she had.”

Ah — so Oprah talked about nose bidets, then there’s a spike in search results for it. That makes sense.

Okay, we’re getting warmer. Let’s keep digging. Last week on Oprah, a topic of conversation on the June 6th show was the Implicit Association Test (see related resources). Hmm… it just so happens the number one hot search trend for the day was “iat test“. Coincidence?

Let’s do one more just for kicks. On June 8th, just two days later, the number one hot search term was “how much will my savings be worth“. Well what do you know, Oprah discussed four simple ways to save with financial expert Jean Chatzky the same day.

What does this mean? Why should I care and what good is this information for?

For starters, it goes to show you just how much power and persuasion one woman can have on millions of people. Millions of people looking for more information about the products or services discussed on the show. Millions of people who will turn to the internet and search to find their answers.

More importantly, if you can position yourself/services/blog/etc. in front of these daily search surges, you can potentially capture a good chunk of traffic to your website.

That’s all fine and dandy, but how exactly do I go about doing that?

Start by writing relevant content related to the show’s topics. Oprah, for instance, will list what’s coming up on the show in advance. If you publish related content prior to the show airing and can get it indexed quickly, you stand a fighting chance to show up in the search engine results for said search term/topic.

Also of note, Oprah archives all of her shows. If you check the weekly schedule, you can determine which of the shows are new versus reruns. If the upcoming show is scheduled to be a rerun, check the archive for a summary of the show and write related content. Today for instance, Oprah talks about Robert Holden’s books, Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead, the Miraval Life in Balance Resort and Spa and Dr. Michael Breus’s book about sleeping well.

Mind you, this isn’t just about Oprah.

Although Oprah owns several of the top 100 hot terms on a weekly basis, this principle doesn’t just apply to her show. It’s more about leveraging the power of offline marketing/media for your own online benefit. Oprah just happens to be the single most influential word-of-mouth marketer in the game right now. Take advantage of it!

2 thoughts on “Predicting the future with Oprah and Google Hot Trends

  1. Oh Man you’ve just spilled the beans!!! let the cat out of the hat.
    This has been a killer tool I have been using for quite some time. Funny note here though. About a year ago my girlfriend FORCED me to watch Oprah. At the time I had no freeking interest in “O” Until I really got the power that she has. I cant say I watch it much still but I do prowl her site for upcoming shows and do just what you layed out. As always the motto goes “get there first” or get in front of the parade.

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