Thesis 2.0 Growing Pains

I’ve been using Thesis from DIYthemes on and off for the past few years. It is ugly out of the box but fast and easy to deploy. It has just the right combination of WYSIWYG and DIY under the hood options to keep WordPress newbies and full blown vets busy.

After running Thesis 1.8x for what seems like an eternity while patiently waiting for the next big release, Chris Pearson and the DIYthemes team finally delivered what they had been promising for months. With my developer license in hand, I immediately downloaded Thesis 2.0 and eagerly uploaded it, anticipating nothing but awesomeness.

Instead, I found myself confused, frustrated, and utterly exhausted. My shiny new WordPress theme was broken.

I turned to the DIYthemes support forum for help and quickly realized I was not alone. Although it was comforting to know that many other users were experiencing the same blank screen of death problem, I was disappointed that nobody had been able to fix it. Even more disappointing was learning that Thesis 2.0 didn’t ship with any official documentation. Who does that?

Sure, there were plenty of suggestions running rampant in the forums ranging from “oh, you just need to select a skin” to “have your web hosting company install XYZ on your server” or “re-compile your CSS” and you should be good to go. However, when all was said and tested, I was left with nothing but a blank theme staring back at my depleted soul.

Today all of that changed. The Thesis team released 2.01 and blank page be gone! Installation went off without a hitch and I can finally play with my shiny new toy. It’s just unfortunate and frustrating that Chris Pearson and the DIYthemes team failed to ever officially acknowledge there was a major problem affecting a large number of customers all the while tooting/tweeting their horn about how awesome Thesis is.

Blank pages behind me, I’m ready to move on can only hope that I find the awesome sauce that has been hyped for so long. Now if only I can get this sour taste of shitty product support out my mouth. :/