Top Landing Page Tips from the Pros

Whether your goal is to get a visitor to click, buy, register for something or tell a friend about your site/services, optimizing your landing pages is key to a successful campaign. If users don’t quickly see what they’re looking for, they’ll leave your site frustrated and may never return to your site in the future. Here are some pointers from the landing page pros for making sure that doesn’t happen:

10 Tips for Writing the Ultimate Landing Page | Copyblogger

1. Make sure your headline refers directly to the place from which your visitor came or the ad copy that drove the click.
2. Provide a clear call to action.
3. Write in the second person – You and Your.
4. Write to deliver a clear, persuasive message, not to showcase your creativity or ability to turn a clever phrase.
5. You can write long copy as long as it’s tight.
6. Be crystal clear in your goals.
7. Keep your most important points at the beginning of paragraphs and bullets.
8. In line with #7, people read beginnings and ends before they read middles.
9. Make your first paragraph short, no more than 1-2 lines
10. Write to the screen.

5 Tips for Designing the Ultimate Landing Page | Copyblogger

1. Scrutinize your competition’s design and organization flow of their landing pages.
2. Put your most critical landing page elements in the upper 300 pixels of the page.
3. Think simple.
4. Be obvious and use standard usage conventions.
5. Make sure your page loads quickly.

11 Tips to Improve Your Landing Page | Digital Web Magazine

1. Define Your Conversion
2. Do a Little Research
3. Eliminate unneeded Elements
4. Match the Creative
5. Remove Navigation
6. Stay Focused
7. Important Elements Above the “Fold”
8. Provide Conversion Exits
9. Lead the Eye
10. Fix Forms
11. Test, Test, Test

7 Rules for Landing Page Optimization | Jonathan Mendez’s Blog

1. Have a Clear and Direct Headline
2. Place High Value on Whitespace
3. Deliver Your Value Proposition with Short Direct Messaging
4. Have a Persuasive Message Directly Above the Call to Action
5. Large Red Buttons Rule
6. Call to Action Copy Matters
7. Trust and Security is Still Incredibly Persuasive

A 10-point checklist for landing page design | E-consultancy Internet Marketing News and Blog

1. Brevity
2. Relevancy
3. A direct approach
4. A clear call-to-action
5. Fact over fiction
6. Persuasion
7. Clear scent trails
8. Grammatical accuracy
9. Reinforcing credibility
10. Good use of images and colour

Seven Tips for Effective Landing Pages | ClickZ Experts Archives

1. Don’t Just Send Them to Your Home Page
2. Don’t Be Redundant
3. Match Your Landing Page to Your Call to Action
4. Use a Look and Feel That’s Consistent With the E-Mail
5. Define a Clear Path
6. Minimize Distractions
7. Use Daughter Windows for Ancillary Information

8 Tips To Create A Landing Page | DreamTeamMoney Forum

1. The Structure
2. The Visuals
3. The Goal
4. Be a Sleuth
5. Keep Your Focus
6. Use a Call to Action
7. Write Like a Pro
8. Reassure

Top 7 Landing Page Strategies | Unofficial Google Analytics Blog

1. Make sure your ad and your landing page are closely correlated
2. Set a measurable goal
3. Add the main keyword to the headline
4. Using qualifying copy
5. Send your traffic to the most specific possible place
6. Keep the message constant
7. Test, test, test

Five Tips for Healthy Landing Pages | iMedia Connection

1. Repeat the search term on the landing page
2. Products should relate directly to the search term(s)
3. Include elements of your home page
4. Add security and returns policy
5. Feature promotions

8 Key Points You Should Keep in Mind When Optimizing Your Landing Pages | Marketing Experiments

1. Are you sending people to the right landing pages?
2. Make an effort to understand your traffic.
3. Design your landing pages specifically for the reason they clicked through.
4. You must use an effective “hook” to keep the shopper on your site.
5. Utilize third-party credibility indicators.
6. Utilize effective sales copy that devoid of hype.
7. Do not overwhelm the visitor with too much information on the page.
8. Utilize an A-B split test.

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  1. I would like to throw something else in the ring, which is to consider going beyond a single landing page to create a conversion-focused experience. At some point, a landing page is going to max out in terms of the conversion rate, but with alternate experiences you can see dramatic improvements. We blogged on the top five good and bad things about landing pages…..


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