Wanted: WordPress custom post title plugin

At least that’s what I would call it.

I’m jealous. I just finished reading an article on Slate entitled In Your Face – How Facebook could crush MySpace, Yahoo!, and Google. And frankly, I want to steal their on-page post titles for my blog. I’m growing tired of dulling down my post titles all for the sake of SEO.

Slate has the perfect setup. Short, creative, reader attention-grabbing headlines preceding the keyword laden sub-headline that double as page titles. Great! Where can I get some?

If anybody knows how to pull off the aforementioned Slate effect, please share in the comments below. Ultimately, this would come in the form of a plugin but I’m willing to open up the hood if need be.

p.s. If a plugin like this already exists, shame on me for not looking harder.
p.s.s. It’s Sunday. I’m lazy.