Wubble Bubble Ball Review: More Poppable Than Unstoppable

The “amazing” Wubble bubble ball is a giant inflatable ball that inflates up to 3 feet. It is designed to look and act like a giant, unpoppable bubble.

Most Wubble bubble balls are sold with a pump and retail for $20. Based on high demand, however, some retailers on amazon are selling them for nearly $60!

My wife picked up a Wubble bubble ball for our kids at Target without the pump. The manufacturer suggests you use their pump but note that almost any battery operated pump should suffice. You can also use a air compressor as a last resort.

The box included the Wubble bubble ball, a nozzle adapter for pumping it up, and an inflation guide (like a tape measure to prevent over inflating).

The ball itself is rather difficult to pump up. You have to jab the nozzle adapter fairly deep into the ball and then shove the pump down into the adapter. In other words, it takes some patience just to get the ball inflated.

Once the ball was pumped up, however, the kids had a ton of fun kicking, catching, throwing, and whacking the ball. Mind you, all if these activities are recommended use on the box.

That said, the fun was short lived. After 10-15 minutes of indoor use, the Wubble bubble ball had a sprung a leak. A small hole the size of a pencil eraser had appeared while the smiles on my kid’s faces quickly disappeared.

Strange thing is that although there was only one hole, you could tell there were many other sections of the ball that had worn thin. I can only imagine what another 15 minutes of play would haves resulted in.

The Wubble bubble ball doesn’t include any repair patches but the manufacturer does offer a lifetime replacement warranty. In fact, they include a bright yellow envelope in the box specifically for returning damaged balls.

This actually makes me think that there is a high rate of returns on Wubble bubble balls and that they are not as durable as the manufacturer would like you to think. That, plus they charge you $6.99 for process and handling.

At this point, not sure that I’ll send the Wubble bubble ball back. Since we bought the ball without the pump, the cost of processing the warranty is almost as much as a buying a new ball. Also, considering how fast the ball popped, it doesn’t make sense to buy another one.

The biggest issue I have with the Wubble bubble ball is that they are sold with the idea that they are almost indestructible when in fact they are relatively easy to pop/damage. Otherwise, a really cool concept that just fails to deliver.

Do you own a Wubble bubble ball? What was your experience and would you recommend buying one to others? If you haven’t purchased a Wubble bubble ball yet but are thinking about it, check out the official commercial and let me know what you think. Should it last longer than 15 minutes?

77 thoughts on “Wubble Bubble Ball Review: More Poppable Than Unstoppable

  1. Our wubble bubble were popped the day we got them mine came with a hole and brothers popped when he picked it up wubble bubbles our a waste of money

    1. Exactly, we had the best time until my daughter stuck her thumb in it (and no she does not have long nails)

  2. My daughter received it as a gift. It popped within 10 or 15 minutes too at the party before my daughter got to play with it much. We did send it back over a week ago with the $7 replacement “handling” fee and haven’t received it back yet. I hoped if it wasn’t involved with so many kids at once it might survive.

  3. Purchased one for my son and it popped 15 min into playing with it … Indoors. He cried so much that I purchased just the wubble and not the one that included the pump. I didn’t want to bother and wait for one to be sent back. I inflated the 2nd one, we played ‘carefully’ indoors and it sprung a leak AGAIN after about 20 min or carpeted indoor play! Don’t bother wasting the time, money and effort. Horrible advertising and shame on the company!

  4. Well, I feel privileged because my kids actually got to play with it for a whopping 30 minutes before it broke. This company is horrible. I just sent them an email, demanding my money back. The commercial is totally false advertising. I hope more people see this site and don’t buy it for their kids. Can you imagine all the disappointment on Christmas morning when this super-exciting “indestructible” toy breaks within minutes!??! Terrible. Total rip off.

    1. Did you get a response or money back? I just wrote an E-mail also asking for money back. I had bought 2 wubbles in one day. My child was inconsolable when I told him mom couldn’t afford to buy any more after the second one popped. I was so incredibly sad for him.

  5. My son was EXTREMELY excited when he bought the wubble bubble (and pump), with his own money, might I add. His first time using it, he took it to a park (like in the commercial). People were so intrigued by it and it was the perfect advertisement opportunity. He was telling people what it was called, where he got it and how it was “unpoppable”. 15 minutes into his playtime and IT POPPED!!! So much for public advertising – fail. Biggest waste of money ever! Such potential but until it’s better made, don’t waste your money!

    1. I got my daughter 3 wubble bubbles in two weeks . The first one, my daughter and her friend were playing with it, and in the commercial, it showed a woman sitting on it, so she sat on it and it broke! It only lasted 30 minutes! The second one, we inserted the nozzle and it broke! Then, we got her another one and we threw it and it broke. We need to fix this.

  6. In my case we were able to play with it for about one to two hours but then it sprung a leak. This is so disappointing. It is fun to play with but the fun doesn’t last very long unfortunately. There should be a remake of this item that will allow it to withstand more considering kids will be playing with it and wont exactly want to roll it to each other or something to make sure that it doesn’t pop…

  7. Wow. What else can be said. My kids received one each, only one with a pump. They played outside for over an hour and were literally beating the heck out of the wubbles and each other. They had a blast. I was able to deflate them about half way for the ride home. 10 minutes into the ride, one sprung a leak out of nowhere. The other is still good. I was angry about the one, but after reading this site, kind of glad they had the time they did. Still… 20 bucks an hour is pretty good pay for that company, and not worth the product for a consumer… Although I have spent 40 bucks on a steak, and I’ll always remember that steak. Guess it’s all relative. Maybe once is enough?

  8. My 2 girls played with their bubble about an hour before it got a hole in it.
    Now I’m going to have to explain to them that some advertised products aren’t always what they proclaim to be.
    This will be another lesson in quality and always being cautious of what we buy.
    So sad for my kids though.

  9. Got wubble as gift for kids, went out and bought 4 D batteries which were not included for the pump and within 10 minutes on easy carpet play it had a hole..

  10. I purchased two wubble bubble kits ewith two air comressors. Neither ball will inflate more than 8 inches using the air compressors…I did use new batteries in each compressors.

  11. I purchased two wubble bubble kits with two air comressors. Neither ball will inflate more than 8 inches using the air compressors…I did use new batteries in each compressors.

  12. My daughter received one as a birthday present. Popped after 15 minutes. Sent return form plus 7.00 payment. It’s been over two months. No replacement. Tried to call. Noone answers and the voice mail is full. Crooks!

  13. Ours lasted about 30 minutes. The kids played inside on carpet. This product is a joke and a heartbreaker for kids. My daughter was is tears for an hour. Shame on them for false advertising.

  14. I got it for my son like a day ago it came with a hole towards the bottom.I was able to tie the hole and fill it up and He used if for a few hours today it popped. I got a new one I hope it last more than a day but these suck!!!

  15. The first one popped just by throwing it, my kids and I played with the wubble for maybe an hour total. Youngest daughter was so upset, my guilt was high, so we immediately went to the store and bought the replacement. It sprung a leak within 15 minutes, they were bouncing the wubble in the grass. This time the youngest didn’t care, they and I are done with the trouble bubble.

    1. Piece of rubber and a crying kid. Giant waste of money. This company should be reported as a scam. Send $6.99 for a replacement for the lifetime warranty?? No thanks.

  16. Got ours and it lasted about an hour. Instructions state to use duck tape to repair. I used five different tapes including duct tape and nothing will stick to the ball.

    1. Same with me I bought it no pump and nothing it won’t in flate there’s no holes nothing. And I know I’m doing it right like wtf

      1. Dude the manual doesn’t tell you but the nozzle is sealed in the inside just stick something sharp in the valve till it rips through then inflate it

  17. Bought two first one popped with in 5 mins of carpet play pretty much blew in half . Second one lasted a few hours of play on the carpet found two small holes spent almost 60 dollars on two of them one with pump one with out . What a waste of money. I’m going to try to tape the holes

  18. My son received one for Christmas. It never would fully inflate using the pump and had a part that wouldn’t stretch out and was thicker, which made it lopsided. The wubble was kept inside and lasted nearly 2 weeks before it popped. I hadn’t heard of this product before Christmas…wish I could still say the same.

  19. This is the worst fkn toy EVER!!! Not only is getting it to blow up a nightmare, it’s more easily popped than shows on TV.
    We’ve had 3 of them and will NEVER buy another! Piece of sh*t and waste of money

  20. I have purchased one and I inflated it just under three feet and it has lasted four weeks with sitting, jumping on it, kicking, grabbing, punching, throwing, bouncing, squishing, catching, laying on it, I have also had my father sit on it and it has not popped mine just popped but my sister used it as a foot rest and pushed her feet way way to hard with shoes on and it popped but other than that it is really good and makes a nice foot rest

  21. The wibble ball is a waste of money. I bought two balls in three days. The first time it lasted about 3 hours until it stretched out to much and popped. The second time I just bought the ball and it popped right away. So I mailed it back with a check for 6.99 I think it was and I got it back in 5 weeks! On the package it said within a week of receiving it. Right when I inflated it it already had a hole! My sister played with it for 5 mins with the hole until it deflated. I seriously don’t recommend buying this product. It sucks!!!! I will be emailing the company demanding my money back.

  22. I got one at dirt cheap because it was $5.00. We got home and inflated it and it turned out it had a hole. No suprise, but i held the hole closed while my kids played with it. I had an idea to wrap it up with a pigtail holder and it worked! We played with it for a long time and had a blast. My daughter tried laying on it because she saw me do it earlier, and it popped. She screamed because a flying wubble debris hit her in the eye. She was ok, but this is unnaceptable.

  23. Bought one and was very excited, inflating it was easy. I noticed a few weeks after it was a little deflated so I tried inflating it again and it popped. Tape didn’t work. DO NOT BUY SCAM

  24. Purchased one from an eBay store as no local shops had them in stock and my daughter was dead keen to get one after seeing the TV ads. We got a couple hours play out of it the day it arrived. Next day it had gone down so we checked and found a hole. Seems my story is pretty consistent with others on this site. I won’t be sending it back and won’t be wasting any more money on another one. Hopefully people read these stories before they buy one and then decide their money would be better spent on something else. But the highest cost of all with this product is the disappointment it causes the kids. Can’t put a price on that.

  25. Purchased two for my kids for Easter. $20 a piece and NEITHER would inflate past a small ball size. Wish I had researched these horrid toys before buying. Will be returning them tomorrow to Wal-Mart and they can choose something different!

  26. I purchased the Wubble ball April 4,2015 for an Easter Basket. ($19.99) The next day, Easter Sunday, we played with it for less than an hour, then we had a big hole in it, No tape will hold, I can’t reach the company by phone, or email. Their paperwork said you could mail the replacement form or go to the website and complete the warranty form online. But the website doesn’t work. There is no form….apparently nothing about this works!

  27. We got a good 10 minutes of fun out of our wubble ball before it got a hole in it. I was just sitting here looking for patching ideas when I came across your blog post. Totally agree with you. Great concept, but a bit disappointing.

  28. Wubble Balls . . . . . . .I’m not at all impressed !! I bought first one for my grandson for an Easter present , it lasted less than an hour , it burst at the join seam ! So back to the store for the second time . .explained the situation , and was given a second ball , which guess what ? It lasted less than 15 minutes ! My two grandsons and myself played on the carpet just passing the ball and it burst . . . .
    Bearing in mind it cost 50 dollars , so I would not recommend this product . . Clearly the manufacturers are making a healthy profit for a product that’s a waste of time as well as money !

  29. I bought the Wubble Bubble thinking it was a good shield for defending bullets! But, it turns out that it is super hard to inflate! And, after 15 minutes or so of using in battle, it popped! A bullet hit it! How stupid! Now, the bullet is killing me. Here are my last words; “The Wubble Bubble is a scam”.

  30. Bought the one without pump. Tried various pumps we have for pool toys and the air compressor, can’t get any air in. A major disappointment for my granddaughter and a major headache for me

  31. My son got one for his birthday. We played with it for maybe 45 minutes before it popped. They want 14.99 to have it replaced by mail. This thing is a rip off. Who ever is selling this garbage should be ashamed of themselves. After reading all these reviews I feel bad for all the people get scammed by this company …

  32. Bought my son one about a week ago. I inflateded half the size. Today in a worn out part of the ball finally got a hole in it. I’m pissed I paid 20$ no kit to fix a hole n now I have a crying kid.

  33. What a piece of crap it lasted about 30 min. My grandson bought it with his money so upset about it popping. They are ripping people off.

  34. Crap it pooped in ten minutes. Good fun for the ten minutes it did last.. well worth the money hehehe.

  35. Disgusted at how quickly this deflated. No durability waste of money, the rubber fractured during first half hour of play on grass and air leaked from several places. Rubbish!

  36. Try using super glue to patch small holes. This is def cool tech, almost military grade. I think we are just getting the left overs.

  37. I got a wubble ball with pump. Had no issues inflating. You need to.put a little lube or something on the hole to slip the nozel in easy. Ours got a tiny pinhole within an hour of play. We’d inflate and get about an hour play out of it before it would get small. Was thinking of replacing it for Christmas, but now I don’t think I will bother.

  38. I just opened the wobble bubble for my daughter and it lasted good 30 minutes paíd 20 last night but now is busted Im going to take it back to walmart

  39. Well, after I saw the commercial, all I really wanted for Christmas was a “Wubble Bubble.” After about three minutes, it popped.

  40. My experience was the same as everyone elses. This is the 2nd one we bought. Both only lasted a couple hours and one popped and one sprung a leak and deflated. The commercial is definitely false advertising if we are already being careful and it pops but they can sit in it and bounce it on the grass with potential rocks and sticks and it is fine. And we didnt even inflate is all the way bc we were trying to preserve it after the first one popped. They need to either make it better or I smell a class action lawsuit brewing!

  41. my 9 yr old got the wubble ball as a christmas gift, immediately after inflating it springs a leak. supermom to the rescue, we fixed it up with a bobby pin and a zip tie. all is well in his world now.

  42. Same here, we got 2 for our grand kids and they both sprung leaks the very same day. Seems a racket to pay s&h just to get a new defective ball where we can just repeat the process. We won’t be replacing ours at all.

  43. I got a wubble ball for Xmas as a gift because i thiught it was an awesome idea and it would keep my son happy. But the ball had a hole in it before i even had s chance to bloe it up… So i went to the store and exchanged it for a new one. Opened that one all excited to bloe it up and actually get a chance to play with it …. Well needless to say that one has a hole in it to…

  44. I got mine and it was denser on one side, so I couldn’t really doo much of anything except bounce it, and even that was difficult.

  45. Tried three different times three different balls. We even tried blowing the last one up really small. Never used any of the balls outside. Definitely not a product worth buying. Wish I would have read this first.

  46. ………SUCH A WASTE OF MONEY. We had ours for 5mins and it got a big hole in it when my sister passed it to me!?

    1. But luckily my sister fixed it by blowing it up and tied a pony tail holder around the hole (but we didnt fill it up all the way)

  47. The one I have now has thinner parts then others and I think it may pop soon. I’ve had it for 2 and a half days.

  48. My kids wubble bubble ball got a dime size hole in it within 1 hour of playing with it. Majorly disappointed and the kids were upset.

  49. Same thing! Ours lasted about 6 minuets and a big hole! $30.00 for this stupid piece of heart-breaking dumb rubber. I hate you, wubble.

  50. So I’m on this site – what does that tell you? Son got for his 8th birthday, ended up inflating with our air compressor (not even to the full 3′ size), and lasted literally 15 minutes. I have a very sad 8 year old and came online to find a solution – clearly disappointing.

  51. My daughter wanted one so bad and got one for her birthday. It was her favorite gift and she was delighted for 10 or fifteen minutes when she picked it up and it just split open. Hate seeing that face,and paying for a pump I’ll never use again and batteries that will go to waist…..A ballon is pennies and last much much longer.

  52. The one time I didn’t read reviews first! Bought two for my kids over the weekend, my daughter “had” to have one and used her own money. Popped within an hour. My sons is still inflated, but the top layer is peeling. Looked into doing the replacement warranty, but heard it can take months to get one back, how do you explain that to a 6yr old? Very disappointing.

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